Date Nights With Dr Matt


Description Price Remaining Quantity
Special OUR Date Night $20.00 984


Description Price Remaining Quantity
Special OUR Date Night $20.00 984

7:00 pm in the Auditorium

Join Dr. Matt Townsend for a great all new Valentine’s Day Date Night Event!

Dr. Matt will help you explore the different stages of love and give you the tools and skills you need to stay “In” love. You’ll laugh as you learn!


*No refunds or exchanges on Date Night tickets, please.

Date Nights with Matt Townsend is an inexpensive, fun, and educational way to improve your relationship every month! National speaker and relationship expert, Matt Townsend, combines humor and wit with his unique gift of understanding relationships to create a powerful and lasting impact with audiences. Get great tips while laughing at Matt’s hilarious insights into relationships. With the feel of stand-up comedy, Matt will share effective ways to improve and de-stress your relationship. Not only will you learn great skills but it’s also tons of fun!



Can anyone attend the Date Nights?

Date Nights with Matt Townsend are open to anyone desiring fun and entertainment or wanting to learn how to improve their relationship.

Do I have to be married to go a Date Night?

You don’t have to be married. Just bring a date and enjoy the fun!

What is the cost?

Purchase each Date Night for $50 per couple.

Is dinner served?

No, we do not serve dinner. We provide light refreshments and have fun door prizes.

Can I register more than one couple?

Yes, when you register, you can register for yourself and any other friends that you have invited to join you.

What if I want to bring a group of friends or family?

That’s great! We welcome large or small groups. It is more fun to share Matt’s Date Nights with family and friends. Just register each couple so that we have plenty of seating for everyone!

What are the past topics that have been covered?

In the past we have discussed “Learning to Love Your Partner Their Way,” “Solving Problems and Building Solutions Together,” “The Art of Positive Relating,” and “Talking about Finances.”

If our marriage is really struggling would a Date Night be helpful?

Date Nights with Matt Townsend are extremely helpful if you are struggling in your relationship. During the Date Night Matt will explain what we have to offer and how our services can help you in your relationship. You can also come into our office and have a Free Consultation with a coach to hear more about our 6-week workshop and private coaching. Date Nights with Matt Townsend is also helpful in addressing specific issues by using targeted activities and problem-solving skills.

Can Matt do a Date Night for my organization?